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About us

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Our extensive product range is expanded each season with innovative, market-driven products. As one of Europe's largest wild bird feed manufacturers, we are not only represented in the European market with our "COCOBIRD" brand but also with numerous private label products.

Our process-oriented quality management ensures on-time delivery of products to our customers, even for large order quantities. Our technical infrastructure and organization quickly and reliably fulfill your customer requirements.


Benefit from 30 years of experience

Kejo Products was founded in 1992 with the goal of being the first company in Europe to offer filled coconut products with high-quality wild bird feed. These products sold very well in Europe, and within a few years, the range was expanded with new shapes and designs. In subsequent years, the product range was expanded to include products with wooden sticks, bamboo tubes, and cones. A large part of the range consists of 100% natural materials.

In 1998, the company was relocated to a new site to enable strategic growth and expansion. In the following years, the range was expanded to include fat blocks, feed pellets, filled feeders, and suet balls. In 2009, production was moved from Denmark to Poland, and the Danish facility was converted into a cold storage warehouse, allowing the company to produce year-round and prepare large orders to secure just-in-time deliveries. Our customers benefit from the new production facility, as additional capacities and improved storage enable better service and shorter delivery and production times. KEJO's goal is to be an excellent partner for premium wild bird feed products for all customers in Europe through continuous improvement and innovation.



Our products are made using purely natural ingredients and are manufactured without the addition of preservatives. We care about the environment and sustainability, which is why many of our products are based on natural materials that are fully or partially compostable. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that our packaging materials are recyclable. Since the 2020-2021 season, we offer you our new product package made from recycled feeders. Additionally, most of our products are fully recyclable!

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As one of the largest wild bird feed manufacturers in Europe, our production undergoes strict quality controls. Freshness is our top priority. Only selected raw materials such as seeds or grain meal from the latest harvest are used in our feed blends. We focus on a species-appropriate composition filled with high-quality ingredients. State-of-the-art processing equipment and specialized machinery help us exceed our customers' expectations and continually develop new products. With the ideal blend of various seeds, premium oilseeds, fats, and grain meal, our premium suet balls retain their shape until the last peck.


Our specialty products for the nutrient-poor season are particularly rich in fat and provide the necessary nutrients for wild birds during the winter months. They complement the natural diet of all bird species, and this year, we can offer you many new and innovative products.




Insects are part of the natural diet of wild birds and are a valuable source of nutrients that support their healthy growth and development. We have developed a new range of insect fat products that are naturally rich in energy, protein and minerals. They also contain essential nutrients and important amino acids.

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